At Rise

by Know Secrets

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"At Rise" Is a collaborative record created by Eric Urbach and 19 other people from the Bay Area Punk/Hardcore scene. It was made with the intention of displaying the unique voices and perspectives of different musicians in the community while retaining the sound of a cohesive band. Songs started with 2-3 people in a room, then took their final shape in the studio environment. "At Rise" was written and recorded from February to August, 2015.


released June 11, 2016

Tell Me About the World:
Music by: Eric Urbach and Michael Bingham.
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach

Michael Bingham - Guitar/Bass
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Vocals/Drums/Percussion
Sami Fink - Vocals

Music by: Eric Urbach, Jack Shirley, and Steven Shirley.
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach

Jack Shirley - Guitar
Steven Shirley - Bass
Eric Urbach - Drums/Guitar/Vocals
Kimia Haghighi - Vocals
John Urbach - Percussion

Music by: Eric Urbach and Kimia Haghighi.
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach

Kimia Haghighi - Bass
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Drums/Vocals

The American Lust:
Music by: Eric Urbach and Brian Moss.
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach

Brian Moss - Guitar/Vocals
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Drums/Bass/Vocals

Music by: Eric Urbach and Kevin DeFranco.
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach

Kevin DeFranco - Guitar
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Drums/Bass/Vocals
Kimia Haghighi - Vocals

Missing Pieces:
Music by: Eric Urbach, Ian Keighley, Meghan O’Neal-Pennie, and Matthew Kadi. Lyrics by: Eric Urbach and Meghan O’Neal-Pennie

Meghan O’Neal-Pennie - Bass/Vocals
Matthew Kadi - Drums
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Vocals/Percussion

Music by: Eric Urbach and Keith Bartolomei.
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach and Alexander Pennie

Keith Bartolomei - Guitar
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Drums/Bass/Vocals
Alexander Pennie - Vocals
Meghan O’Neil-Penne - Vocals
John Urbach - Percussion

I’m Going Pale:
Music by: Eric Urbach, Ian Keighley, and Johaan Hill.
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach

Johaan Hill - Bass
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Drums/Vocals/Percussion
Sami Fink – Vocals

In Descent:
Music and lyrics by: Eric Urbach

John Urbach - Drums/Percussion
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

At Rise:
Music by: Eric Urbach, Jasmine Watson, and Heather Freinkel
Lyrics by: Eric Urbach and Sami Fink

Heather Blotto - Drums
Jasmine Watson - Bass
Eric Urbach - Guitar/Vocals
Sami Fink - Vocals
John Urbach – Percussion

Recorded at Lodasia Sound in Richmond, California by Eric and John Urbach, Febuary-August 2015.

Mixed at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, California by Jack Shirley and Eric Urbach. Mastered by Jack Shirley

Produced by all contributing members.

Cover photo by Maren Celest -
Insert Photo by Hugo Caro Olvera
Graphic Design and Layout by Georgia Malone -



all rights reserved


Know Secrets San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Tell Me About the World
I’m moving in circles, intertwined in thought.
I hear the voice “its the end of the line”, but I know I can’t stop.
I have a lot of questions. Answer me this much.
What’s the cog that’s going to break, and will it make us wake up.

I’m finding it hard to think, that we’re incapable.
Of basic understanding, it seams so sensible.
Deconstruct my entitlement. Open up some space.
So much can be put in its place.

I wanna learn through experience, I wanna learn through site.
I wanna learn what there is to know, I want to help shine the light.

I’ve got some ambition and the will to begin.
So won’t you lend me a hand?

I don’t know, I don’t know. Sometimes I feel the pain digging into my soul.
Through exchange, things can change so wont you tell me about our place in the world.

I’m starving for reaction, so I’m breaking down the door.
We’re storming in with hungry hearts, always asking for more.
I wanna feel the sweat drip. I wanna bend my track.
I looking to flex my head, I don’t wanna look back.

I want to unlearn, and I need to expand, so wont you lend me a hand?
Track Name: Aftertaste
I’m holding on to this bitter past, until it has no taste. There is euphoria I can’t recall so I keep searching for the thing I lost. I play it down at any cost.
Don’t want to stare it right in the face as I sink into myself.

You keep hiding away, but your eyes tell me everything, are you trying to cope?
I just need to forget. But our minds don’t ignore. Panic can show you everything. It chills me to the bone how could I just forget?

I don’t want it to hide anymore, but my body won’t let me in. Sometimes I feel my teeth turn into dust so I keep searching, I keep asking, for relief as I sink down.

Please help me let it go.

My mind is forlorn and I can always feel the sting. It haunts me inside. I just want to forget. But our minds don’t ignore and panic can show you everything. It chills me to the bone I just want to forgive.
Track Name: Hopscotch
I’ve read the chalk on the ground.
They're holding papers and chasing favors.

They start with the lines in the sand, and like the wind they move them with time.
They craft morals through a bigoted lens; with every breath we exhale a sigh.
They are the figures that kill the martyrs, all these kings cling to their thrones
there existence is like a tension that’s set for rolling boil

I just want an answer so I can let it grow. By itself, let it grow

they section off 8 squares. You can go as far as you throw.
They get to hop over lines. You wait your turn.

The church doors are bloody tonight, they’re bloody tonight, they’re bloody tonight.

I just want an answer so I can let it grow by itself.
Let it grow by itself.

I just want a dialog that frees us from our shallow minds. What do we accept as the truth and what do we throw aside? There talk is getting old, it lingers on entrenched in all those lies. Is there a state that frees? I got to know so I can let it grow.
Track Name: The American Lust
It begins now; my hands are all I’ve got. Static screens won’t distract me. Some truths are hard to except, sometimes I can’t do it alone.

The world’s freezing, it’s frozen over. We face the world and its cold to the touch. We fight the times, they’re hard to absolve. They kick back like the beat of a drum.

When will we say, “Enough’s enough?”

Don’t want to loose my, don’t want to loose I, won’t give in to the American lust. All hands are grabbing, all fingers snatching, all eyes are looking, who can you trust?

I wont give in to the American lust. When they tell me how to feel.

Will there ever be recompense? Will we ever get to state our demands? How much longer will our heads feel the heat of a gun? They keep knocking and their breaking in.

We consent when we say nothing. They keep our focus and their grip is tightening. Don’t want to feel like I have no control. They keep coming and it won’t be long.
Track Name: Pantomime
Choking on it everyday. Playing a part, it leads me astray. A script is how they convince you to become one of them

And I fall victim to every stroke and every phrase
Now I fall away into the depths.

But I sit around and watch the violence every time they say its just it makes me fucking sick. We complain to the crowd with stark defiance they brush it off with a smile, I’m fucking sick of it.

Face to face, line by line, were in the fray everyday.

We stand by and feel our way through the darkness, through decay, and this is how, I’m convinced I won’t become one of them.

Into the depths of the shade.

So won’t you hold me close? I need some hope, just a sweet embrace. Fold the script, cross out the lies, light a fire, watch it burn away.
Track Name: Missing Pieces
Life exists in a state of blur. Heading into the fog without a direction. I feel the war has been lost, at times I don’t feel anything.

When did I decide that I was done? How did it get so far away? It’s like a friend that I don’t know anymore. Why can’t I let it out, why can’t I let it be?

Define me, define me a box of rock a boy that plays
Define me, define me.

Why do I accept the comfort? Why can’t it feel like spring? I hold back on all that I want. Why can’t I let it out, why can’t I let it bleed?

You're waiting, you're watching, why aren't you playing?
You stop and, you listen. What are they saying?
Arms distance, you're keeping. You think you're saving
yourself from, rejection. You need a way in.

Define me, define me a box of rock a boy that plays
You’ll find me, You’ll find me, I’m holding on to all those days.
You’ll find me, you’ll find me…
Track Name: Hazia
Only in darkness the light burns through.
Only in silence, these words come true.
They’ve come to take you, take you away.
Fear starts to build you're left alone in a haze

The road is getting warm I can feel that steam.
I'm traveling on and on searching back through a dream.
I'm alone, afraid, a pawn in this tiny world.
Hungry to get home, before it all burns.

What I related to, its all but gone
Will I awaken or just fall?

So who are you boy? Has your time come?
They’re out to get you line them up one by one.
They’ve come to take you, take all that's yours.
Bite down on your tongue as your jaw hits the floor.

Its already done but I can’t stop thinking it through
Track Name: I'm Going Pale
I gotta, I gotta, I gotta gotta know. What have you come here for?
I see your face but I don’t know you at all, I wanna, I gotta I gotta I gotta gotta know.
And I won’t stall.

Can I erase what I see through? Your life’s broken, mine is too. I need this place and you need it too, so let’s stick around.

You’re finding, you’re finding, we found another way. Just take a look at the stars
They sit suspended and it gives me relief, there is a light adorned like a spark its all that I can see, and I need more.

Around. Last gasp of innocence I’m going pale.
But In descent, I’m still looking for traction.
Track Name: In Descent
The time that slowly ticks away, keeps me standing still.
We’re doing laps around the clock, and I’m feeling spun.
There’s a face that always makes me see, it’s already done.

I keep holding on, nut I can’t seem to feel the same.
It’s passing me by, it’s passing me by. With a silence and divide

Show me what’s possible.

An existential crisis point, unwoven at the seam.
I’m hanging on to what it means to be alive
I’m folding up and drying out, the wound is getting old.
Take devotion, its like the ocean. It waves at you.

Looking into a blurry crowd. Holding on to every written word that feeds.
Passing like a floating cloud, we can watch it dissipate.
Ill keep clawing but I’m feeling spent. Eyes numbed by the continuity.
Shaking but I’m sitting still, listing off what is wrong.

It’s passing me by, it’s passing me by and I can’t seem to feel the same.
Its falling inside, its falling inside and I can’t see the need for blame.
It’s passing me by, it’s passing me by, with a silence and divide.

Show me what’s possible.
Track Name: At Rise
I won’t stand down, I’m not giving up, we got a chance to be free, I’m taking a shot

Here we are, we’re starting and we keep looking for deeper connections.
What speaks to you? What moves your heart? Do you seek directed aggression?

I can tell you that I’m feeling pain, my head throbs til’ its numb, I’m all bent out of shape by the things we do, but I wanna straighten it out.

I want to change everything, but first we gotta challenge ourselves

At least, I won't stand down and I’m not giving up, we got a chance to be free, and I’m taking a shot

I’ll look for a chance to see a realized ideology. Where does this place exist and intersect with the rest of the world?

Lets try to think, it’s not nothing.

It’s not enough to think, its not enough to cry. We need direct action, if we’re gunna change our lives.